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FS: Dubia Sale on Already LOW, LOW Prices!

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Posted by Lindsay on 6/5/2007, 3:31 am

Sale Prices

The prices are:

500 for $80 SALE $75

1000 for $130 SALE $125

2000 for $240 SALE $230

3000 for $335 SALE $325

4000 for $440 SALE $430 Shipped Express!

5000 for $540 SALE $530 Shipped Express!

Each lot will include all sized nymphs and a handful or two of adults. The more you buy the more adults I will include I like to move them fast and in bulk, just so I am not running back and forth to the post office. Shipping is not included, unless specified otherwise (For example: Shipped Express!). E-mail me with your zipcode and I can give you a shipping quote. I guarantee express but not 2-3 day priority, they are just too unreliable on such a high dollar order!

This is the perfect opportunity to get an established feeder colony of the number 1 feeder roach for the lowest price available! Looks like only couple small lots, or 1 big lot left! Hurry while they last. If you have any questions or want to buy, e-mail me at:


Thank you, Lindsay

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