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SIck roach please help!

Guest Roach lover

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Guest Roach lover

I have a huge male gromphadorhina portentosa that I have become very close to. It hangs out with me for days at a time even sleeping under my covers at night and not running away. I was thinking he may have been moving a little slower than normal but I wasn't sure. A few hours later I went to sleep with him between my leg and the covers (hanging upside down from covers) I find this way he can walk around and position himself (usually close to my leg for warmth) to where he is at a comfortable temp. I noticed this time he stayed in the exact spot where I placed him without finding a spot he liked. I slept a few hours to find my leg around him covered in clear fluid smelling of bananas (his last meal). I cleaned us both up and found he was lethargic and barely moving. I put him back in his temp controlled enclosure literally putting his head in a shallow water dish to make sure he could hydrate. I know he was not physically injured while he was with me. He only molted to adult about 3 months ago so this is not old age. He was back in his house for about 12hrs and I checked on him he seem more lethargic now only "waving" a leg if I gently squeeze his abdomen. I changed his water out with grape juice (a favorite of his). I really don't want to loose him since he was a very kind, gentle, well behaved male that I grew a close bond to. 


If anyone can tell me either anything to do to help him or what may have caused him to become ill I would greatly appreciate it. I have had roaches die after displaying similar behavior before after spending time with me. The first time this happened I thought they were getting to cold and dying as I keep my house a few degrees below 70. Since then I make sure they are on me or close to me for warmth. I have had them run off before and they were found healthy 3-4 days latter and they had not found a warm place to hide. So I think I have ruled out the cold killing them especially since I never keep them out of there house for more than a day or 2. I then started thinking maybe they are getting to hot sometimes getting up to human body temp. However I think I can rule this out as well since I no longer keep them against me and they usually find a spot under the covers partially touching me for warmth and they are free to rome the bed and find a spot where they are happy. Furthermore I have read there natural environment can get to a 100. So I am now clueless as to what could be hurting them by hanging out with me. Does anyone have any ideas?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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