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Feeding rate and behavior of Aeluropoda insignis

Daniel Patón

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Dear forum:

I would like to comment on an observation I made with my Aeluropoda. When I put fresh vegetables on them they take a long time to eat. If I put partially poached vegetables into them after they have been stored for a few days in a plastic container, they eat them immediately. Since I want to use them to degrade household waste, this is of some importance. What strikes me is that with other species this difference is not so marked. For example, with my Blaptica, which does not seem to like paper or fibrous foods. My Eublaberus eat anything fastly. This leads me to consider the ecology of this species. I guess in nature like rotten leaves from those tropical rainforests. Any suggestions on that?.

Thank you

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My Eublaberus  (E. Posticus) are my best composters. T

hey eat voraciously and very quickly, especially fruit and meat. Other than the defensive odor they produce I prefer them over my Dubia. Oddly enough they also seem easier to handle than my Dubia by my children. My inignis seemed to eat a lot slower but did seem to like fresh greens more than my other species.

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