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DIY Gasket Tub

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An FYI that I'm finding it fairly easy to make a gasket tub out of a normal Sterilite latching tub (like these).

All you really need is some foam insulation tape cut into strips that fit around the inner lid. The foam compresses quite a bit so the lid is able to still latch closed.

Waiting to see how the foam holds up over time, but so far this trick has worked well for me.

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It's worth noting that depending on the tub and fit of the tape you may have a few loose spots.

In addition to the built in latches I also added a few binder clips to the unlatched sides to tighten the seal.

so far a Gyna Centurion male has reached the gasket and has not been able to breach it.

Not sure how smaller species like P. nivea would fare, but I would probably use a premade gasket tub in that case.


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Brief update: I have been using this setup for almost a year with no issues. It's worked fine even for species with small nymphs that climb. Just be sure to check under the lid since there can be hiding spots even if escape isn't possibe.

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