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Hissing cockroaches possibly poisoned?


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I’ve had a group of six female wide horn hissers for nearly two years. A two weeks ago or so, I found one on her back. Her legs were curling under her and she couldn’t walk. I gave her water on a qtip and put her back in the tank and kept an eye on her. She literally did not move, but I got her to drink off a qtip everyday for around a week. Then I find one dead. I assume it’s her and that it was old age, but then I find another the same way. I’m unsure if this is the original sick one and another died or if a new one has fell sick. I keep qtip watering and get her to eat some strawberry. Today, my favorite who I can always tell apart is doing the same thing, her legs just seem to be locked up. I had a flea problem with my cats awhile back and gave them topical flea meds and there were also some fleas that had got into the roaches’ bedding. I gave the cats the medicine probably at least a week before my first girl got sick. Could the flea meds have poisoned them? If so is there anything I can do to save them now? 

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