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Lobster Roaches

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Posted by RJ on 8/25/2002, 12:46 pm , in reply to "lobster roaches"

Mine are spreading like a disease! I keep 'em fairly warm (80 degrees or so, sometimes less), I keep 'em dark, I feed 'em nutromax lamb and rice dog food (my dog's food), kale, cucumber, iguanna chow, but, I suspect they'll eat anything at all. I generally offer no water except an occasional spray. I use bed-a-beast bedding (a granulated coconut husk) and sphagnum moss from the hobby store (which they also eventually eat). I keep half logs and sections of bark in there for layers of hiding places. MOST IMPORTANT: I use a strip of vaseline around the top of the tank's inside to prevent escape! They're fast fast fast! In short, they seem to thrive on care or neglect. They eat everything. (Wanna hear a horror story? I recently put in an extra pre-killed mouse left over from my snake feeding. First they sniffed at it. Then they swarmed it. Then it was ENTIRELY gone! No B.S. Bones and all. Good luck. Check out my website.



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