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Opisthoplatia orientalis

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9/8/2002, 10:40 am


Does anyone know anything about Opisthoplatia orientalis?

I know it's small and that it can climb glass.

Does anyone know anything about it's biology, if it's considered a pest and so on.


Petter Jordan


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Posted by Jess P on 10/30/2002, 5:59 pm , in reply to "Opisthoplatia orientalis"

Hi, Petter. Just yesterday, I found some info on O.Orientalis in a book called Insects of Hong Kong by DS Hill et al. It is described as flattened,large, brown, wingless and, surprisingly, as amphibious, not infrequently submerging completely in fresh water streams. Its habitat is leaf litter,under rocks, under loose bark on dead trees and occasionally it is arboreal. There is a black and white photo of an adult which is reminiscent of a female Byrsotria fumigata but with wing-pads only. Its length is given as 30mm. I hope this is helpful. Jess P.


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