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Nutritional information for Eublaberus

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I ran across a feed analysis for Six spot roach (Eublaberus Distanti) showing they have very high levels of fat. This would make them a bad feeder candidate. This got me thinking about my Ackie monitor lizard who has eaten hundreds of Orange head roaches (Eublaberus Posticus), and seems to do very well on them. Would these two related species share similar protein/fat makeup?

To complicate matters further, I went on a hunt for more information. I found nothing on Orange heads, but two other sources using Six spot roaches. One feed analysis agreed with the original. The third is a dog food study. This shows completely different results with a fairly good protein/fat makeup. In this study, the other insects tested have similar results to the first two also. Does anyone have thoughts, or more information on this?




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Would like to see thoughts on this as well, I usually offer my chameleon a variety of different genus roaches in hopes that there is a difference in nutrition amongst them. I assumed roaches of the same genus would be similar, but that's just a guess.

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