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Pelinobius muticus

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Finally, I decided to acquire this wonderful species of the subfamily Eumenophorinae! Since childhood, I dreamed of such a spider, for the first time I saw a small photo of it in a book about wildlife, however, it said that it was a spider from the genus Lasiodora :) But then I did not have the Internet to find information about this species. And only many years later I began to search the Internet for a spider from the genus Lasiodora, but naturally I did not find anything similar, since this is an Old World spider, even belonging to another subfamily. Quite by chance, I came across photographs similar to what I was looking for, and after reading the name I realized that it was Pelinobius muticus. Now that I knew the exact name, I began to look for information about it, as well as to find out if such spiders are for sale. But in the 90s we didn't have such spiders. After a few years, I saw very rarely this species for sale, but the prices were monstrous and I could not afford to buy this spider. And then I gave up the idea of buying for many years. And now, quite recently (just a little less than a month ago) I was presented with a young female. I put it in a plastic container with ventilation holes, filled it with coco peat, and placed a hollow piece of cork bark. She settled in this makeshift burrow and entwined with cobwebs. Now he sits there, but does not eat, because the abdomen is very thick, and maybe it will soon shed. Now I have a lofty goal - to raise a big and beautiful girl, then buy her a male and try very hard to breed this species. I know that they are very rarely divorced, but I will retreat anyway :)

Here she is, my beauty. She is already three years old and she is about 5 cm in body :)



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Awesome!  Many years ago I had a T.  Congratulations!

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