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Hissers will eat hermit crab food! (or at least mine will)


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I see a lot of people here asking what foods hissers enjoy eating. I typically feed both my roaches and hermit crabs a large variety of fresh foods, but on occasion will feed dry hermit crab food mixes. well last night was one of those occasions I observed nearly all of my roaches, including my hissers, really chowing down on it. I mean I have never seen my oldest female Madagascar hisser eat so much in her life. maybe my hissers are the only ones, but since I see so many people asking what hissers may like eating, I thought I would put this out here.πŸ™‚Β 

(p.s. they seemed to mostly pull out and eat all the dried meal worm and shrimp pieces, but I sure did see them munching on the pellets as well. If anyone is really interested I can go see what the brand is😊)

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