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Artificial pollen?


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I've a couple of palynivorous roach species on my grail list, so I'm looking up commercially available pollen substitutes around here. It looks like online beekeeping shops sell large patties, at least 1kg/2lb, that are designed to be opened and left out in beehives until they're done. Given that, and considering how long it might take a couple of starter roach colonies to go through 1kg of the stuff, can I assume it keeps well? A back-of-the-fridge kind of affair?

The first alternative is dry feed sold alongside. It's more expensive! Though I guess it's cutting out a lot of the wet weight of the former product.

The third option is the homemade recipes I see around the net. That has a similar issue of leaving a lot of stuff lying around, even if just the unmixed ingredients. And where do I get soy flour? Does it have to be soy flour?

If you feed artificial pollen to your roaches, what do you swear by?

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I use the powder Bee Pro sells and just spoon them a little bit of it each feeding, usually in a food bowl of some sort.

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Yeah I always just use the dry stuff and never bother mixing it up, the roaches take it just fine. :)

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