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Panchlora sp. "Guadeloupe" (Ripe Banana Roach)


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Introducing a fairly recent addition to Blatticulture, Panchlora sp. "Guadeloupe"! :D This species was originally collected by @enthomofarma, who bred them and established them in the hobby. Me and my friend @Luccasbiohub both got starter groups recently, and Lucca actually sent me theirs to breed, so now I've got a starter culture of around 20 nymphs! ^_^
I only have pictures of nymphs for now, but the adults of this species are a pale green, and supposedly very broad and flat, kind of like if a Panchlora sp. "Giant" got run over by a truck. 😂 Really hoping to get these breeding well for me, apparently they are as easy to breed as any of the other Panchlora spp., so fingers crossed! Will be sure to share pictures of adults when they mature too! ;) 

Here are pictures of my nymphs:






Oddly, these have little rows of tubercles bordering most of the abdominal segments, weird! Can't wait to see some adults in person, and get some pictures of them! :D

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On 8/22/2021 at 3:23 AM, WarrenB said:

Neat! I hope they do well for you. Looking forward to pics of the adults, especially after that description.

Thanks, I hope so too! :D And I am very much looking forward to taking pictures of the adults!

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I've got three adult males and an adult female now! :D The males are much more yellowish than I expected, only a very faint green, but they also have two reddish brown stripes going down the first half of their tegmina, kinda neat. The females on the other hand lack any such markings and are definitely more green, but still very pale, with an almost silvery sheen to them.

Here are some pictures, first of a male:





And now here is a female:







Wish me luck in breeding these beauties and getting them established in US Blatticulture! :D

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