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125G Rotten Log


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125G Rotten Log

New setup!

Dead fallen and standing trees support more biodiversity than any other kind of terrestrial habitat feature. This kind of theme, with incorporation of wood-decay fungi and dead wood-inhabiting along with plants and other livestock, is fertile ground for development of model ecosystems. I have been working on a new setup with a large half-rotten Ulmus log as the main feature along with various living inhabitants.

For future projects, I intend to experiment with introduction of fungal mycelia as a wood destroyer with fresh log pieces, but for this display I instead added a Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) fungus already established on a sawdust growing block.

The tank is 48" wide with an approximate 125-gallon volume. One of the lid panels has a pair of integrated electrosonic misters, vent holes and a wire port. A pair of 5v case fans provide air circulation. Lighting is a pair of economy LED strips.

There are some interesting plant and animal inhabitants in this enclosure. I'll post again with more details. Stay tuned!

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