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Help getting rid of american cockroach


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Hello, last year between december-january I did a massive cleanup cause american cockroaches built a a colony inside my dubia bin, thanks to that my dubia population decreased I remember when I put the roaches back in the bin all cleaned up they were like 100-150 and spotted only 1 male, they've been breeding fine cause I've seen new babies since then but I saw american cockroach babies as well which is annoying is there a way to get rid of them? or do I have to do the cleaning once a year for the rest of my life? I've seen american cockroaches in my lobster bin as well and in the past I did a massive cleaning twice with my hissers to get rid of american cockroaches the only bin that has been spared is the red runner bin if that bin was compromised it would be a pain in the ass since they look alike when they are small, when I say a massive cleaning, I mean I put all the roaches I can into an empty box then replace the whole floor/cardboard/egg cartons and clean the bin completly, removing/killing if I have to american cockroaches then putting the original roaches into the bin, it is really annoying and takes me like 6-7 hours approx, so why after massive cleanups they still breed inside? how can I get rid of them? they get to the point that they breed way more than my current roaches and they decrease the other roaches populations I don't like that 😡

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