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Chorisoneura parishi (Parish's Thin-nerved Roach)


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Now, while these may LOOK like tiny, brown, unassuming roaches... Well, I mean, I guess they kinda are lol. 😂 BUT true roach enthusiasts will know that this species is rather uncommonly sighted, let alone kept in captivity, and is adventive in southern FL but has yet to spread to any other states. These are CB adults, I believe F1, maybe F2. Got them in a trade from Roachcrossing, and may actually be only one of two people currently keeping this species. I love the variability in color, the females are typically darker than the males, but there are lighter and darker individuals of both sexes.

This species seems to prefer low humidity, and good airflow, with leaf litter being a favored hide choice. Just like C.texensis, C.parishi love gluing their oothecae onto plastic, and one of these females actually laid her ooth on the lid of their shipping deli cup... Which I've just had to toss into their enclosure, because I can not scrape it off the lid without risk of smashing it. 😅 They've been super prolific for me so far, with the nymphs having a pretty high survival rate, much much easier than C.texensis. :D

Adult males:





Adult female:




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