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  1. nope, but that might get me closer!
  2. I know this is an older topic, but I have a follow up question, and request for help from it. I know I have found an article in the past about why oranges (and other citrus) should only be fed to breeder roaches, due to the what the acid in the fruit turns to and that the roaches have no way to expel that from their bodies, however it is used for the formation of the oothicas. So at breeding age it is helpful for the females. The acid converted form is also not good to be fed to reptiles. Perhaps gout related? ANYWAY! My ability to properly google and refind this information is failing and I'd love if anyone is able to help me find this article again! I'll keep looking too, it was a good article and put it into good perspective.
  3. apple branches?
  4. Quite a few of my species are maturing now so hope babies of several more by the end of summer!
  5. So excited, starting to see babies this week! Can't wait til some of the other species start too! Halloween hissers are carrying eggs already!
  6. following
  7. Congrats!
  8. They can get past the Vaseline barrier and are going into my other containers. How do you keep them from escaping?
  9. My son decided he wants these.... I'm considering rather than my standard setup, setting him up with a tank he can watch instead. I'm thinking a dirted 20 gallon. A screen, partially covered to hold in humidity, and a UVB bulb during the day. Some plants as well as leaves and branches etc. Need to decide what kind of isopods to put with them and also some springtails. I'd love some input and if anyone has done similar, even for other species I'd love to see them!
  10. UK?

    What sites are there to get roaches other than dubias from in the UK. Mostly feeder type, but please share any sites you know.
  11. We've checked 3 dollar trees for the small containers I use for my isopods, and all have been sold out of them.... So I bought 17 containers of crackers today so I could have the containers :D.
  12. they fit my shelf better and line up together better than delicups Ok, I'm odd....
  13. thinking wrap 3 sides of the tank also, to block out other light and semi easier viewing too
  14. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/311752142_Nutritional_value_of_three_Blattodea_species_used_as_feed_for_animals
  15. I was able to find this chart that includes more than just the standard dubia roaches, but was wondering if anyone knew of more of the info on other types of roaches also.
  16. I am going to substrate for all due to the allergie issues that are being brought up a lot due to not keeping with cleaners and substrate
  17. I run www.facebook.com/KatsRat1205 and would like to add some roach embroidery designs to my options for some items. Would any of you be willing to show me some of your photos and give me permission to work off of them to create some designs? Isopods etc also!
  18. I've been working towards teaching bearded dragon owners keeping their roaches with substrate and cleaner crews to help with lessening the "allergic" reactions. For red runners I haven't started substrate yet, do have lesser mealworms on hand. Do you leave the egg cases where they fall? I have about 14 egg cases so far and have been putting them in a deli cup with substrate to keep their humidity better.
  19. My wildcaught population has exploded! Babies all over!
  20. you got the genus right!
  21. let's see if I remember how to post pictures!
  22. The second one in the first group of photos is Headlamp Roach Eublaberus sp. “Pantanal”
  23. Let us know what you find!
  24. UK?

    TY! Knew UK had to have more options than dubias! Nice to be able to get more people interested in more types!
  25. Surprised how much they look like dubias!