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  1. He had some tragic events this year so it'll take some time for him to get back into business.
  2. Kyle had them not long ago. Not sure if he still does though.
  3. These guys have been doing well for me
  4. This completes my Parcoblatta collection (though I doubt that I'll be able to breed this species with only two nymphs of different age)
  5. Now you just need to add Periplaneta japonica in your collection to finish off the US based Periplaneta
  6. Not in my experience.
  7. Here's a beautiful beetle from west TX. Specimens in the pics have all deceased now, but I have ~30 L3 larvae in hand.
  8. No, but I can stage a shipment full of Periplaneta to your house
  9. Looks like I need to send some Periplaneta to your house on the next shipment. lol
  10. Could you possibly try keeping 1 or 2 ooths dry for about 2 months then hydrate them to see if they'll hatch that way?
  11. This particular variety can be found in Ocala National Forest, FL
  12. Hopefully I'll be able to get them available this summer!
  13. You should get some Periplaneta brunnea! They are pretty and aren't likely to infest your house as much as other Periplanetas!
  14. I'm getting these two species in the mail this week and was wondering if there's any special requirements for those two? Can they be kept like other "common" isopods available in the hobby?
  15. I used to give mine oak. I no longer give any wood to them since they don't seem to need it
  16. One of our native pill millipedes. Turns out this genus is widespread across AL (and few other southeastern states).
  17. Neat whip spider from TX. I only had one for a while, but I managed to collect 10 on a trip this week!
  18. They all appear to be males
  19. They are doing fine. Several of them molted so far, but I don't see any signs of babies yet. I tried sexing bigger ones and it appears that all of them might be same sex
  20. These were found in cliffs located in dry desert Thanks
  21. Sadly he doesn't ship outside EU
  22. that case I'll make one last guess that will contain multiple species Macropanesthia spuritegmina Macropanesthia kraussiana Geoscapheus woodwardi
  23. Ooh....could one of them be Polyzosteria mitchelli?
  24. Here's a species I've been dreaming of acquiring! I was able to collect more than a dozen while I was staying in El Paso, TX
  25. Yep and it seems that these are easy to raise and breed so I'm sure they'll become common in the hobby! Thank you