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Antennea Biting?

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I have a colony of about 13 adult hissers in a 20L tank (along with a growing number of darkling beetles, their offspring, and a few giant cave nymphs), and for the past few months I have had a problem with some of my males (I think there may be 4 of them) ending up with missing bits of antennea and in the case of my biggest male, a toe or two. I read that this is often a sign of territorial scuffles and chose to let them sort things out for themselves (so long as nothing got worse). However, I currently have two females who are also missing the ends of their antennae- ???? The size of the enclosure allows them more than enough room and I have been offering them food with a higher protein content somewhat in response to this discovery.

Anyone ever have this problem/have any idea what's going on (or what I am doing wrong)???


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Hmmmm... didn't really consider that, actually. Would the roaches really just let them nibble away at their antennae like that? I mean, one of the males is missing about 2/3rds of his. I plan on setting up a few more invert tanks in the coming weeks so I'll look into separating them- still seems odd to me.


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