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If you were going to start a 55gl show cockroach tank

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It must look awesome :D

So the first pic doesnt look like much but this tanks alive. Blaberus boliviensis, dubia,and Eublaberus"Ivory" so far all seem to be enjoying life. The second is a fancy tank my brother got me for lizards lol well roaches come first at my house the Blaberus giganteus, and Lucihormetica (Hormetica) verrucosa seem to be cohabiting well. The foam back has slots running across the back the roaches love it, lets me observe them also. Gyna are quickly becoming my favorite the yellow ones remind me of sulfer butterflies. Anyone with rare Gyna sp. pm me thx.










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Very nice! That's what I'm working towards now.

Q: Are the pics all very small? Or do I have something set wrong?

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Show tanks, well they look cool. They hide roaches, harder to clean, and cost more. Glad to give roaches mansions but in the long run its not worth the effort. Orin was right about the E.decipens being active and a good show species recommend tall plants in the enclosure. Pest species are the true show species, being bold and prolific. The people that see my main 55gl tank ask why I have a tank full of dirt and leaves lol, then I put my hand in there and the soil starts moving its pretty neat. Well happy roaching.

They are really small.

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