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2013 Roachforum Calendar?

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If you can get 11 members to submit and post their roach images at 2300 x 1800 pixels in the next two weeks I could probably convince Peter to put it together.

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I could be convinced. Calendar photo requirements are as follows:

What kind of files can I upload?


What size should my image files be?

JPG files can be up to 10 MB, but files over 7MB in size can cause your internet connection to time out. PNG files can be up to 4 MB. (Most submissions will not be nearly as large as the maximums listed above.)

All images should be EXACTLY 3375 pixels (11.25 inches) wide by 2625 pixels (8.75 inches) long, and with a DPI at 300. Photos which do not match these requirements may be disqualified. Please ask if you have questions about this. Not everybody has a camera that can meet these requirements and we find ourselves having to bend the rules a bit from year to year.

I can put a calendar together with smaller photos, but it never looks as nice.

Also, the calendars are more expensive to create this year. I don't make any money off of them, so they are available at the cost of production for those that would like to order them. Here is a link to last year's calendar produced by Roachforum members:


(don't buy it...that IS last year's calendar)

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Obviously, a 2013 calender wasn't made. However, I think this happened because of a lack in organization and pre-planning. This thread wasn't even created until the end of 2012.

We should all start work on the 2014 calender ASAP. Those of us which plan on partcipating should take the shots before the last month of 2013, and use a simple program like Irfanview to resize appropriate requirements.

I'm completely for a 2014 calender. I just hope everybody else bothers to check this thread and decide for themselves if they want to help make it happen.

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