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Help! Small Species in Isopod Habitat


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New Isopod Owner here. I have 2 Colonies since 1 week right now.
Porcellio laevis Panda and Armadillidium maculatum Zebra.
Now i discovered small red dots wandering around in their habitat, and also outside of their habitats, which i'm not really a fan of.
I'm pretty sure it's not springtails since they are really small and rather orange/red. What are those?
Are they good? Are they bad? And how do I keep them from climbing out? Since they seem to be able to climb up on the plastic.

Thanks !

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On 1/27/2022 at 7:29 PM, Violenca said:

Also are the mites dangerous for them? Or should i get springtails to get "rid" of them?
A friend who i sent the videos to, also said it could be mites.

Mites are usually harmless to isopods if there are dozens or hundreds rather than tens of thousands.

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