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Eupolyphaga sinensis "White Eye" (White Eyed Chinese Medicinal Roach)

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A unique and true breeding morph that's popped up in culture a couple times, hopefully this time they'll stick around in the US hobby! :D

Adult female:





Adult male head:



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8 hours ago, Bhjjr said:

Does their white eyes work as well as normal ones? 

I'm actually fairly certain the white eye mutation in roaches causes blindness. However they have so many sensory hairs covering their body that it hardly makes a difference. 😂 They're able to carry on pretty much completely normally.

Though I do hear watching white eyed Periplaneta trying to mate is rather funny since the males will sometimes kinda just walk backwards blindly trying to find the female they were courting to hook up with, oftentimes bumping into other males and nymphs in the process.

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