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Female MTU needed


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I got 10 L3 MTU Larvae last year all weighing 20 something gms they all seemed to do very well reaching 40+ to nearly 60gms before pupating unfortunately I've only got 3 viable the first two have come out male and I'm waiting on the third one 

So I'm looking for some freshly hatched females can anybody help 

I'm happy to give back larvae if that's preferred or please let me know what you'd like to do 

Many thanks 






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UPDATE 6/10/22

So sadly two of my males have now passed but I still have 1 left and he's still going strong very active and eating well but I had pretty much given up hope of rescuing my breeding project and a years time/labor investment

And the good news is I've just managed to get him 2 girlfriend's they arrived yesterday morning the chap had a freshly hatched female which I booked straight away then had another before posting so I got both (not sure if I'm supposed to mention people but it was Mark from the Insect Farm fantastic guy very helpful and I highly recommend him he also gave me a freshly hatched male free of charge as a back up as he knew my male was geriatric) 


So both females basically ate my beetle jelly all day then I managed to get a mating with the tan coloured one at bedtime 


so left the other one with him overnight 


I'm seriously chuffed to rescue things at the final hour and will now hopefully have loads of larvae to rear for next year 

I'll post how I get on in a few months 

So the motto is never give up while you've still got a male beetle left 







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