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Hi from Michigan!


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I don’t think I’ve ever formally introduced myself on here, but I’m sure some of you already know me :). I’m a keeper in Michigan with about 55-60 roach species, and a firm belief that Cryptocercus are a more interesting roach genus then Parcoblatta.

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18 hours ago, Allpet Roaches said:

Welcome, there are a lot of nice roaches one can find today and it sounds like you probably have a couple neat ones I've never seen in person. I think all the natives are beautiful species (but would be super unimpressed if they were exotics).

There’s very cool natives that more people need to keep! I’ve collected a bunch myself as well :). Some gorgeous species from Florida keys are out there that would be just as impressive if they were exotics. My favorite to see in the wild outside of cryptocercus must’ve be Eurycotis lixa. They were things of beauty! Seeing wild discoids and many small ectobiids such as Symploce were fun too, though I don’t find them as attractive. 

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