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Dragon fruit

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Anybody here grow dragon fruit? Mine finally flowered last year but didn't set.

I'm wondering if I should give hand pollination a try this year. There are three flowers forming already.

And how about getting raspberries to produce? The bush grows well with lots of flowers but they've all turned brown again this year. Im thinking of planting some flowers next year to attract the bees. The bees stay in front of the house with the poppies but don't make it to the backyard. 

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34 minutes ago, Allpet Roaches said:

I planted some seeds a few years back but I think I'm about 100 years from a flower. Not a bad potted plant but they grow like cactus vines and set roots in nearby pots.

The flowers are huge and short lived. I read somewhere that the plant needs to grow to a certain weight before it'll flower but I don't remember what the weight is.

100 years feels like the wait for M. rhinoceros, be it the wait to obtain, the wait to grow, the wait to reproduce, or the "weight" of an adult haha

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