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Just a roach lover!


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Hi! I'm Dianna. I just started keeping G. portentosa's as pets almost a year ago and I fell in love with invertebrates after that! They're my favorite roaches. :)

I currently have two females and I'd really like to start a colony.

I work at a university vivarium where we keep a G. portentosa colony and a N. cinerea colony. That's actually where I got my first hisser, Elise!

Other than hissers and lobsters, I'm not too familiar with other roach species and I'm looking forward to learning about all kinds!

I'm here to learn better roach husbandry and make roach-loving friends.

I'm really into the invertebrate Youtube community and I have my own Youtube channel that I'm currently working on!

Feel free to message me any time!


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Welcome to the forum! I wish I could help about your hissers in your other thread. I've been in the hobby off and on so I'm no expert. I've had good luck with my hissers though. Have you tried raising the temp 5 degrees or so? 68 is on the low end.

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Thanks! Nice to meet you Bhjjr! I'm sure they're ok—the one female is no longer looking so much sluggish instead looks like she's just falling asleep a lot lol. Not really sure how hissers sleep but I want to put my hope into that conclusion.

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Welcome to our forum, glad to get to know you.

I hope you have great success with your hissers.

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