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Feeding oat bran vs. oat leave?


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i was wondering what is in the oat leave that oat bran lack? can you feed rhino roaches rolled oats instead of oat leave? do they also feed on Eucalyptus leaves and guava leaves? there are no oat trees around my place. also, if you have rhino roahes, what do YOU feed them.

are leaves essential for any other species or is it essential at all?


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It's oak leaves. It's actually any of a variety of hardwood leaves including beech, elm, willow and oak. There are probably many other leaves that work but those are ones that have been tested. Maples are not helpful but a few mixed in won't hurt anything. The leaves should be old and a little decayed if possible. Leaves are necessary for most polyphagids and possibly essential for Macropanesthia. Many types of Eucalyptus and guava are dangerous unless they're well decayed.

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Just to reiterate: Oak is a tree. Oat is a grain; grass like plant. The leaf of the Oak tree is what you need. I use a mix of various types of Oak, with Walnut and Maple leaves also. I have tried several different species of non-aromatic Eucalyptus leaves and had a poor survival rate until I quit using euc leaves altogether, and survival is great now.

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