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Hi everyone!

I currently keep an all male group of geriatric hissing cockroaches. I'd give the scientific name for them, but I'm pretty sure that they're all mongrels. I had ones that were black, red, yellow, and orange. I realize now that it's probably not in the best interest of the preservation of the species to hybridize roaches or to support those who allow hybridization to occur.

I'd come over to the invert-side from plants. I keep many terrariums and had decided that it'd be neat to add an animal as another aspect of my tiny jungle. After doing some research I decided on hissing roaches and went online and found a lot of twenty mixed adults. After a plague of babies had escaped into my house, I ended up culling the ladies and keeping a few of their sons so all that I had left were males. Those males have been with me for the last four years and I've gotten more attached to them than I had ever expected in the beginning. I'm now down to the last few roaches and my favorite guy just passed last week. I've come here to poke around and see what roach species are out there and to read up on prospective new buds. :)

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