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Hello from Maine


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My name is Missie, I am a 48 year old female Veteran and animal lover.  My nephew asked me to acquire some Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches for his birthday May 2022. He knows I have a secluded hobby farm and a love of all things strange and creepy crawly.  Little did I realize that as my 27 year fascination with mice was drawing to an end, this package I got in the mail with my order of "Breeding pair" would include a couple dozen babies and I would soon have 2 tanks full of gorgeous giant roaches!  As a very solitary child growing up in the city my greatest joy besides books was turning over rocks near my house to see what was crawling underneath. When i joined 4-H I got to follow their Entomology program and had dreams of growing up to be an Entomologist.  Sadly, that never worked out, but now I have some dreamy bugs that I'm totally in love with.  I'm a pretty loyal lover, I won't be jumping from the Hissers to a few dozen other varieties of insect pet.  I am working on making my tanks attractive, healthy, and interactive.  Just 4 months after getting them I wake each morning to revamp my list of new substrates, decor, lighting, foods etc. that I want to buy.  I'm even considering getting some NVG's to interact with them in their most comfortable environment. Luckily my Significant other heads to work in the woods at 1am so I can have coffee with him, say good-bye and have the perfect couple hours to observe and handle my lovely bugs.  The babies have grown so large so fast and there are so many personalities in each tank.  I'm considering getting a full USB power strip for them that handles red fairy lights and mini air cleaners and maybe fans for summer.  So far I have not seen a USB heater for them. They are so much easier to keep then mice that I'm pretty sure this will be my lifetime passion.  They are not a common pet in Maine due to A- People here are typically old fashioned. B- It's too freaking cold and lots of people are trying to move here and live off-grid (knuckle-heads). Not an idea that will support Hissers. C- Not much communication via internet or groups up here.  I'm a good organizer, I might try to create a website, interest and a little club to get these guys more recognition and acceptance.

Happy to meet you all and hope to get caught up on all the great information available on this cool forum.No photo description available.


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