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Hisser types & Breeders

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Does anyone have recommendations for hissers? I'm torn between G. Portentosa and G. Oblongonota right now... I've heard that oblongonota gets significantly bigger, so I'm leaning more towards getting those, but I like the brighter brownish coloration on portentosa. 

And does anybody know of any breeders that sell sexed oblongonota nymphs? Most that I've managed to find seem to either sell only sexed adults or unsexed nymphs. 

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@Allpet Roaches might have sexable G.oblongonota available.

I'd recommend G.portentosa as a beginner hisser species, oblongonota can be a bit more finicky when it comes to breeding. However if size is more important to you, oblongonota are the clear winners.

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