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Eucorydia westwoodi (Heart Flower Roach)


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This species has stunning adults with metallic blue pronotums, and bright orange wings with metallic blue markings on them (often with a cute heart shape in the middle, hence the common name). :D You can see pictures of adults, as well as great care information for this genus on @Martin's site here.

Here are some pictures of my new nymphs:





I can't wait to see adults in person. 😍 This brings my total of Eucorydia in my collection to four, I now have forceps, linglong, westwoodi, and yasumatsui.

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  • Hisserdude changed the title to Eucorydia westwoodi (Heart Flower Roach)
1 hour ago, Bhjjr said:

Oh my goodness wow that's a colorful adult. And a thorough care guide by Martin!

Yeah, the adults are gorgeous. 😍 And yes, excellent care guide by Martin.

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Three of my males have matured, and looks like my females are very close behind!






Such a beautiful species, hopefully I'll get a good amount of offspring from them! :D

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Bit of a late update, but was very successful in breeding these BTW, and already onto the next generation. :D

Adult female:




Males & females:


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