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Roach vivarium?


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I want to create a vivarium in a tank that my fuscas are in. I thought I might be able to leave them in there. Do you think they would eat all the plants or would they only eat decaying plants? It might be a fun project. I want to put some millipedes in there too and possibly a water feature that they won't be able to fall into.

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They were actually tearing up my background so I took them out. I had built a foam background and they dug right through it. I had fusca in there. I might try it again with a smaller species. I think a viv for p. nivea would be nice if I can find one that looks nice and is escape proof.

The new zoo med terrariums look nice, but I have only seen pictures. I want to check out the gaps around the edges before I buy one. Does anybody here have one of these yet? The exo terra tanks I have won't work for tiny roaches. There are big gaps around the glass in front.

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