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I kidnapped a roach and I think she’s sad


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About a month ago, my ex bought Madagascar hissing roaches for his beardies, but one wasn’t eaten (I know it’s the circle of life but it makes me sad so he normally keeps me out of it entirely). I found her living in a tupperware bowl in his room. He’d been playing with her, she was friendly, and didn’t hiss. I made the executive decision that she had crossed the line from food to friend so I set her up in an enclosure with food and toilet paper tubes. After a couple weeks, I realized she refused to go into the tubes she once loved, and was burrowed in a corner. I found out he was shaking her out of the tubes VERY aggressively, and she started hissing when he tried to touch her.

So I kidnapped her. I got her an enclosure last week. She was settling in well, hidden in my closet, and even starting to hang out in the open though still very guarded. But he found her today. Despite my protests, he tried to touch her, she hissed, I closed the tank. She’s been hiding since.

I don’t know if this sounds dumb, but I just want her to be happy. She seems so scared. I’ve been talking to her calmly, I haven’t touched her, and I’m moving next month (she’s coming with me!). Is there anything I can do to help her feel more relaxed?

Side note, I have zero experience with roaches and am terrified of pretty much all insects. I never expected to be in this position. I named her Margaret.

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Ah poor girl. Honestly, I'd kick your ex if he tried to touch my insects like that. I own praying mantises and would go absolutely feral if anyone tried to treat my pets like that. Maybe hiss at him lol. 

On a serious note, though, he does need to respect that she is your pet now. Sorry you're still stuck with him for now.

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