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A few general questions...

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Do peppered roaches do well at room temp? Around 76? Do red and black roaches do well at room temp?

Also, one of my Parcoblatta species matured yesterday. It's about 3/4 of an inch long and is an orange-amber color. It's a male and the wings are full.



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A few more little questions...

Do P aegyptiaca do better at around 80-85, or at around 76-78?

Last night I checked on mine and the females last right leg looked very stiff and unmovable. Is she alright?

Also, I checked on my porcelains, 2 of which have molted to adults, and as soon as I opened the container one flew out. So I chased after it for a while, trying to keep it from scurrying beneath my dresser, and finally got a hold of it. I grabbed it quite roughly, although it scurried back into the container. Then the other adult flew out. So, my question is if they will be okay as adults, seeing as one has a "gimpy" leg now, and I grabbed them both quite firmly, although their wings are still intact.

Thanks! :D

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The other roach in that pic just molted. Are they both males?
It looks like one is an adult male and one is a subadult male. There are a few species of Parcoblatta with males that color.

The dark Bysotria you have in the photo is probably what is called B. rothi, the light tan one sort of looks like B. fumigata but fumigata's wings are more rounded and shorter and the males are very dark.

Adult male Porcelains are flighty, they're day active so you'll see them sitting out in the open later if you can't grab them right away.

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