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Beetle Necklaces

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I went to an Asian market yesterday. I've heard about these markets in different cities for a very long time and went in hopes of finding Giant Water Bugs sold as food (my sister saw them about five years ago in a frozen pack at an Asian market in Arizona) or finding live land snails for food (Helix sp., my friend R. Willis found them at an Asian market in New York a while back). Unfortunately I didn't find any neat dead or live insects or snails but I did get to see some type of live giant cecelians along with live softshell turtles, frogs, tilapia, blue crabs, dungeness crabs and marine snails. There was a vast variety of dried marine shrimps and shellfish, some strange small frozen crabs and an amazing variety of frozen and dried fish. Probably the neatest thing I saw was a fat, round, orange squid about the size of a football near the baked duck. The only insects I ran across were in a small jewelry stand inside plastic necklaces, I've seen these necklaces before with African beetles inside but these were Asian beetles (notice the Dicranocephalus males on left and third from the right). The central stag may be Odontolabis and the stag on the right Prosopocoilus. The two that are really hard to make out are cicadas, not beetles. I was hoping to get many pics of the food but was told no photos after taking the barely in focus jewelry pic.


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