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new member from Quebec


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Hi my name is Bochamp(Mathieu Beauchamp) i live in Montréal, I register this forum because i want to know more about roaches, Blaptica Dubia in particular. I use to breed geckos and wanna begin a colony to feed my herps, and as pets as well ;)

I currently have:

2.3.1 R. Ciliatus.

0.3.0 G. Gecko

1.0.0 S. Petrii

0.1.1 P. Imerator

1.0.0 G. Rosea

1.1.2 Gerbils

1.0.0 Cat

1. Do you currently raise any roaches?

No, i want to begin soon

2. If so, how many?

I'll try to keep my colony to 500 max

3. Do you culture roaches as pets or feeders?

well, wanna do both, I think those kritters are cool... ... and nutricious too :rolleyes:

4. If feeders, what kinds?

want to begin with blaptica dubia

5. Are there any specific roach questions that you would like to ask the community?

YES... :(


6. How did you find our community?

I was Googling about blaptica dubia in canada, and found you

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Hi Bochamp, Welcome. I think you'll find that roaches make really great pets. I keep some herps, reef tanks, cichlids and others but roaches are probably the least energy (and least $) in with the most reward out.

I did a forum search and found quite a few threads, I'll forward you some of it. It may take you a little effort but there are a ton of hobbyists your way.

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Thanks for your consern Orin, I'll try to get them from here first. If not, I think I would be able to find someone that will ship them to Can.

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