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Weird question for the day...

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In Phoetalia pallida, the males and females both have wings, but the females are slightly larger and have a white spot on their flanks, correct?

Well, that established, that means that the cute little purplish guys with the banded bodies are the nymphs...

Will these nymphs moult out at some point from the banded 'look' to the winged, smooth look?

Here's the weird part...

If this is the case, how come many of these 'nymphs' are bigger than the adults already??! :lol::blink:

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The subadult female nymphs are a lot bigger than the adult males but close to the same size as adult females. Both have wings.

It is actually common that winged species of roaches have nymphs that get a little larger than adults and then loose some mass when they molt. They need extra fluids stored to inflate thier wings, then as they dry the moiture is gone.

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