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Pavlov's Roaches?

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Hi everybody, I was wondering if anyone else experienced things like Pavlov's dogs with their roaches. I started using some chicken feed (no chemicals) for my roaches. That stuff stinks I'm telling you! Anyway the roaches love it and come running like a mad dog when I feed it to them. At first I thought it was the smell that made them come running. A few times I sprayed their enclosure (with water) and it makes the same sound as when I spill the chicken feed. Well they came running for that too! I feed them alot of things and they are by no means deprived of food and drink. But whats with the stampeed? I mean they all come charging at once. They don't act like that even when I give them oranges. Is it the sound? What are your thoughts on this?

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I read an article who said that roaches can recognize sounds or something else like Pavlov´s dogs. I try it: I hit softly the cage when I´m going to feed them. When the roaches look and smell the fruti, the run to eat it. One month later, I hit softly the cage, and the roaches run all over the cage looking for food It´s so funny!

Best regards,


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