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My collection and a few questions

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Hi all I have roamed this board for a while but have not posted. I have 3 small roach colonies right now that are doing great. 2 different blood lines of blaptica dubia and one colony of blatta lateralis. I have purchased a few hissers, Blaberus discoidales and Eublaberus posticus that will be coming in shortly. I keep everything in a closet that is about 44 inches wide and about 24 inches deep which is about the perfect size for the bins. Inside i keep a small space heater and a humidifier that keeps the room at 87F with about 61% humidity. Is this temperature fine for all these different species? Also I want to add some isopods to them to help keep things a little cleaner, and help protect from mites (if there is an isopod that helps with that). What would you suggest for a isopod for each of the enclosures?


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87F is fine for just about all the common pet species (way too hot for Cryptocercus, Macropanesthia, many Panesthia, some Parcoblatta, etc.) though it really doesn't have to be that warm. Isopods are normally employed in damp predator cages to clean up scraps to prevent mite outbreaks, they shouldn't have a benefit for a cockroach cage since they generally eat the same things.

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