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Hello from UK


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Just thought i'd say hi, rude not to eh ! Im in to most insects....aswell as reptiles, fish....anything living really ;)

Only roaches i have at the moment are Therea Grandjeani & Blaberus giganteus (i think, although ive seen them under different names so im going to post a pic on here to be 100% sure!)


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Hi Mark,

Nice to have you! The Therea sp. "granjeani" is a really nice critter. I wonder if we'll ever find out if they're a different species or a geographic color variety of T. petiveriana.

If you take a pair of vernier calipers and measure your adult female Blaberus giganteus from the front of the pronotum to the tip of the wings and it's not in the 84-90mm range you likely have the wrong species.

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Hi, good to see a fellow Brit on here, I see you have some Therea grandjeani. I have just bought a pair at the AES fair in London but the female died within two days, don't now why. Could you please give me some advice on how to rear these roaches, and where to get some new ones?

Cheers, John

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