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Can you post pics of them?

Here's my Black Copper HMPK, Jazz:


Loki, my first. He just recently passed on.


A young super red plakat


A blue/black halfmoon I picked up at California Betta Society auction


A traditional plakat that was a fluke in the line. none of the others developed the irridescant green/blue


I'll post more if you want me to. Didn't want the post getting so long. lol

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Wow, amazing!

See, we don't get bettas like THOSE around here.

It's like pulling teeth to get a male under 1 1/2 years old.

My buddy owns a fish store a little ways away. I'm sure he could get them in, but again, it would still be like pulling teeth.

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Makes me want to get back into bettas....

Local pet shop has one with a black body and white face that has been there for a while but is tempting me... I have been reluctant because it looks ...ah... "not so young anymore".... :(

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Matt, with proper care these fish can live well over 5 years.

Anyway, just got another breeding pair (actually, i got them for my g/f for her birthday, but I'm also breeding them for her):

Here's the male:


And the female:


If anyone wants one of the offspring, let me know. :P

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I know. I used to keep 15 or so. I had a male (white body, red fins) that lived about 6 I think. I have kept aquariums most of my life, and have gone through various phases in fish keeping. I was once a betta enthusiast.... some associates of mine at the time even fought them on a regular basis for pretty big cash. :( Though not my cup of tea.

By the way- those pics of that male and female are SPECTACULAR. You must be proud of those.

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100_6782cropped.jpg That's my favorite.

I've seen bubblegum pink colored betta's by me, and the newest; King Bettas, which are extra large Plakat males. Cellophane bettas are nice too, they are see through. 135b.jpg

A lot of bettas sold by me are poorly cared for, but there are some nice ones and good breeders, what they need are betta breeders to save them and who care for them properly.

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cant get the transparent pic to work. ive always love them, but dont keep them anymore after my old ones passed away, as the store ones look terrible unlike they used to. miss my first male (red white and blue, patriot) i had for years, and eventually put up in a rare fifteen gallon tank at the time that was brand new, with live plants, a snail, and a gf

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