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confused-domino ooths being eaten before laid-while sticking out-only 5 adults in bin-no nymphs

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so 2 of my newly acquired females recently had ooths carrying them about still

but both where half eaten/gone when I checked other day-but still sticking out-I could see inside ooth half still inside /white goop-fresh hollowed out egg case

right up to 'butt' end of roach-so def eaten-


I don't understand why ooths being eaten -


its 3 male and 2 female orange domino in 12x16? Walmart bin (is this male to female ratio bad?)


coco fiber/organic soil and soft white wood chunks substrate-and mix hardwood leaves/maple/oak/sumac on top for cover/food

they get rotation of banana--carrots-dog kibble-blueberries/etc and the always present hardwood-leaves


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