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What to feed a Parcoblatta nymph


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Carrot, apple, fish food, and they seem to like to nibble on mold or mushrooms occasionally. I have normally found them under loose tree bark in the wild. They do not seem to like anything leafy green.

Hello I am trying to raise a Parcoblatta nymph that I found. I know this type roach needs moisture and they eat decaying material, but what kind of foods will they eat?

thanks for any suggestions

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The wood roaches eat very little, it could take one nymph a year to eat a 1/4" piece of dry dog food. I do think for this genus fish flakes would be much better than dry dog food.

Wow! So what is the growth rate for these guys...two years from 1st instar to adult?

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Lol no idea. My "wood roach" turned out to be an oriental when she reached adulthood :(

It's odd you'd find a sem-tropical cockroach outside, under a board in PA (not impossible). There are a number of different wood roaches that look similar to the oriental cockroach. If that second photo you posted is the same roach it's certainly not B.orientalis and appears to be a subadult male Parcoblatta. Your photo also says it's 1cm (Blatta orientalis adults are 2cm). It is difficult to identify most roaches from a nymph but the location, size and photo certainly indicate Parcoblatta.

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