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Hello Im new.


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Im new to the roach thing.

I own a bearded dragon and I was sick of the crickets, they constantly got loose from me, then I heard about dubais and so Im trying it out.

Im really not fond of the roach thing either but at least they cannot escape from me. I use tongs or gloves to handle them. I wish I could over this. but so far - its been a few months and I havent yet.

I keep them in plastic tubs, its like a three tiered drawer system that allows air in so I did not alter it. I use egg crates. I dont think they are reproducing though. What do the eggs look like? I have found very few dead tho and they eat alot. I think it must be too cool for them to breed but I dont know.

I need to get the heating pad out, our days have been fairly warm with really cold nights. Im in Houston TX.

I feed them fluckers, salad mix (spring mix fromt he groccery store) some cat/dog kibble, I need to start doing fruit but we dont like fruit too much ourselves so I never buy it.

Can they eat onions and peppers? I usually have alot of that as scraps but never think they would want it but I read they eat anything!

I dont spray them but they always have water crystals, I was cleaning once a month (because I was scared of mold) but I now think I can slow that down.

Well anyways, glad to find this board, Im learning alot! Any comments on what Im doing would be appreciated!

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Actually they don’t lay their eggs! They eggs hatch inside the mother so she gives live birth…kind of. I have gotten quite a few species to eat peppers (like bell peppers, maybe not atomic ones, never have tried). I haven’t seen any species eat onion though. We’re glad you found us too, welcome aboard. Who knows maybe someday you can get over your dislike of ‘roaches, many people looking for alternative feeder species to crickets become hobbyists.

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Yeah I just wish I could relax enough to handle them bare handed, but the way I think about it now is, the crickets are just as icky as the roaches (they stunk more, or is that just me?), but I will never wake up one morning and see dubais scrurrying across my kitchen floor! lol that alone is saving grace for these little guys.

good to know about the eggs, I was looking for items in the bin that could be egg saks ( :rolleyes: ) yknow the kind that other roaches have that kinda look like odd ball pills.

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