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Sali zäme


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Hi Community

I finally found my way over the big lake... :lol:

My name is Andreas, I'm happily married, pharmacist by training and fighting with my PhD, and (I guess its written in the signature) live in Winterthur in Switzerland. For those who don't know what that is: Click me!

I started to keep roaches as a much better alternative to crickets (after an invasion I started to hate this critters) as food for my bearded dragons, centipedes, and occasional for the dogs (2 Yorkies, 1 Toypoodle) too. Now I have over 20 species/cultivars and roaches have become another hobby of mine:

1. Panchlora nivea

2. Archimandrita marmorata (well, I suppose it's A. tesselata, have to sacrifice a male I guess...)

3. Blaberus craniifer “Black Wing“

4. Eublaberus spec. (from Schaben-Spinnen.de)

5. Gyna lurida

6. Lucihormetica subcincta

7. Lucihormetica verrucosa

8. Oxyhaloa deusta

9. Princisia vanwaerebeki "black&white" (NOT G. portentosa BW... IF there is any difference between them at all)

10. Therea olegrandjeani

11. Blaptica dubia

12. Blaberus craniifer (3 "cultivars", 1 older "pure" German tribe (?tribe?), 1 light and one dark-brown (possibly a hybrid); genitalia dissection is planned)

13. Eublaberus distanti

14. Gromphadorhina portentosa (should come originally from the zoo in Zurich which imported them from Madagascar)

15. G. oblongata (might be G. portentosa, I'm waiting for the nymphs to get big enough)

16. Rhyparobia maderae

17. Rhyparobia sp. 'Goldi'

18. Nauphoeta cinerea

19. Archimandrita tesselata ("true" A. tesselata, but only one female)

20. Phoetalia pallida

21. Elliptorhina chopardi

22. Aeluropoda insignis

23. Blaberus giganteus

24. Blaberus atropos (might be B. discoidalis)

25. Elliptorhina javanica

26. Diploptera punctata

Other invertebrates:

- "white woodlice" and "brown woodlice" (no idea of the sci. name, keep them for cleaning the roach-boxes)


- 1.1 Pogona vitticeps "multicolor" morphs

- 3.0 Canis lupus familiaris

- 0.1 Homo s. sapiens cute form ;)

Well, thats all for the moment...

Liebs Grüessli (Swiss dialect for something like "nice little greeting")


P.S. I never liked popular names but couldn't convince others to use scientific ones.

Now I've got a real good reason for YOU to use them cause otherwise I will not understand what kind of liveform you mean... ;)

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