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A couple roach questions

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I impulsively bought some roaches at an exotic expo recently.

They were sold to me as "death head" roaches. Wellllllllll, I've been to a lot of internet sites researching roaches and that's not what they are. The best I can tell, these are "Giant Cave Roaches". I bought them in early March and they have since molted into what I'm assuming is their adult form. I wish I'd taken pics of them before, but I'm sure those who know more about them know what they looked like prior to this.

My questions are:

1. ARE these Giant Cave roaches? and 2. How do I sex them? I've been on the internet for days literally trying to find out and the best I can get is something about some hairs between the antenna on males. I can't find anything like that and don't know what I'm looking for. A couple of them are getting tattered wings, so can I assume these are probably males that are fighting? If so, should I separate them? Hmm, I guess that was more than a couple questions.

These roaches are really intriguing me. They're beautiful IMO. I wanna do the best I can for them.


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The animal in your photo does look like Blaberus giganteus. The last segment on the underside of the abdomen is the largest segment on the female and smallest on the male. It is very easy to see.

... if you can't tell what constitutes a large last segment or a small last segment, males also have a small 'notch' in the last segment kind of on the side of it that looks like a deformity or maybe something took a bite out of it; but its not, it's supposed to be there.

Anyone with a pic or a link to a pic for the OP ??

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