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ID this Please

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I'm wondering if this roach is a B lat. I don't keep this species of roach. But I did find this one in my room, and another outside. Then A day later another one in my room and two more outside. I live in upstate NY, and I highly doubt anyone in my area is keeping these roaches and may have released them. I live back in the woods, and most of the people who live around me are NYC weekenders/summer people and there aren't that many houses around.

Anyway here are the quick shots I got of the first one in my room....





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Either P. lata or zebra. They're great little roaches, I have an adult pair of these, plus some P. pennsylvanica. Try not to kill 'em next time!

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I found a identical looking roach dead on the living room floor, I've had it sitting in a cup, pending photos to post for an ID

So thanx for beating me to posting it, and for the ID

Heres a bit of info about Parcoblatta


And it does say they are no threat to peoples houses, and will die after wandering in. (thank god! I've been having nightmares about the possibility of moving out all the animals to bring an exterminator in!)

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Well now that I see images of the babies, I have seen them around earlier this year.


Wood Roaches that enter homes wander aimlessly during the day (rather than congregating in a particular room and being active at night); they do not breed indoors, and will die within a few days due to insufficient moisture.

Thank goodness

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