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:P Hello everyone I'm from Berlin and I've been fond of roaches since I was a child. Now I'm an adult and I am allowed to breed them ;) Here is a list of my beloved roaches (I also breed beetles, butterflies and phasmids):


X Aeloporus Insignis

X Blaptica dubia

X Blaberus Giganteus

X Elliptorhina chopardi

X Elliptorhina javanica

X Eublaberus distantii

Lucihormetica verrucosa

Macropanesthia rhinoceros

Opisthoplatia orientalis

X Panesthia angustipennis angustipennis

Polyphaga saussurei

X Princisia vanwerebeki

X Pycnoscelus striatus

X Therea petiveriana

X Therea petiveriana olegranjeani

If anyone is interested to get some of those (marked with an X) please write an email PM to me. I want to exchange experiences about breeding and keeping roaches and I'm happy to find people who think the same.

Regards giantweta ;)


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Herzlich Willkommen!

Do you have giant vetas besides the roaches or is it just your nick?

It might be difficult to send roaches to the USA.... First I thought it'll be an easy way of getting rich because many roaches can be sold in the States for up to ten times more than here in Europe but this is because you need special permissions to do so in cases where it isn't completely prohibited (well, if you don't want to "commit a crime"...).

Seems it'll be easier to deal with roaches only here in Europe :( .



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