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Baby Food?

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Getting water from eating vegetables or fruit is ok and enough if given regularly.

So vegetable baby food should also be ok. :rolleyes:

As an experiment you might consider giving them water in a small bowl with pepples in it? You might get a quick reaction...

Are we talking about several species or a single one? Different species seems differently interested in access to water.



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I have also tried babyfood and all my roaches whent nuts for fruit mash (compote).I dont know how you say it in english but I hope everybody understands it.

I have also tried babyfood but that's not a good idea...It became hard and the litle roaches got stuck in them...

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I'm not familiar with the word compote.
In several European languages compote is just a general term for stewed fruits.

But since baby food is quite expensive - could be because it is a functional food - it would be much better to prepare one's own dish - including fruits.

Actually I am using the oldest fruit with the brown spots because for some reason at least for some species they start with the brown spots before the fresher parts.

Could that be because of their quite different bacterial composition or because of smell ??

BR/ Ole

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