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G. portentosa + honey = paralysis?


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Well, for some reason I decided to put some of my pollen/honey blend in with the gutload my roaches dine on. It's all gone, and in less than a day. So they seem to dig it... But I spotted a half inch nymph on it's back in the dish, seemingly paralyzed, and reeking lightly of honey. He almost seems drunk, and keeps having hyper spasms. There is also bursts of energy when he will be able to use his legs, but then he goes back into paralysis mode. Weird. None of the other roaches are having problems. Anyone know what's up? He appears to be vomiting and I just noticed he has one dwarfed limb!

Crazy time! :lol:

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Young nymphs just do that sometimes, it's occurred without any honey with me before. I used to feed mine honey (I ran out, haven't bothered to get more), and they seemed fine to me.

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